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make money from home, in a home businessFrom: Tony Brown

Dear Friend,

Are you stuck in a job you despise only making enough money to barely pay your bills? Are you tired of running out of money before the bills run out? Do you dream of owning nice cars, taking that much needed vacation? Do you dream of owning houses you can’t afford? Do you work a lot of overtime at your job? Does working all that overtime still get you nowhere? Are you looking for a way to make more money while spending more time with your family?

If you had the know-how and tools that could bring you more money than you've ever dreamed of making, just think how your life and situation would change. #1. No more job worries. #2. No more stress. #3. No more waiting around for things to change. You'll be saying yes to those vacations, that new car, and that long awaited dream home or home remodel. If your ready to start saying yes, keep reading because...

Your search is finally over... If you are serious about earning an amazing income from home online working only part time and creating a massive income stream, then grab your favorite drink, sit back, and I’ll show you exactly how I was able to go from a $24,000 a year job to making over $1,000,000 a year in my own home based business and how you could do the same.

My closest friends and associates are telling me I'm crazy, and that I'm giving away too much information... but I don't care, because I like helping people.

I've created the perfect money making system, a system that anyone can use to earn an unlimited amount of money following a few simple steps. I'm ready to finally reveal this amazing secret system with anyone that is serious about making money from home online.

In the Guaranteed65Kin30Days I'm going to reveal to you the strategies, techniques, and tools I'm currently using to make THOUSAND OF DOLLARS each and every week, month after month.

Why?.... Because I'm sick and tired of watching nice, average people be taken advantage of and misled by the seemingly endless amounts of BAD information that you'll find on so many "so-called internet business expert" web sites.

This money making system has never been shared with anyone until now.
Guaranteed65Kin30Days is not like anything you've ever seen before. This is truly the easiest and most risk-free way for you to finally create your quiet fortune for yourself and your family. It's a "proven money making system" and completely idiot proof.

So, if you have the desire to make an amazing amount of money online in your own internet business... if you are tired of chasing useless "get-rich-quick schemes" and improbable so-called business "opportunities"... then the "Guaranteed65Kin30Days" is exactly what you've been searching for.

Imagine checking your email every day, and enjoying an unbelievable amount of daily income that could even make a doctor or lawyer green with envy! And the best part is that you will be working from home setting your own hours! You can do this.

So, relax and sit back and prepare for the massive daily amounts of money that could soon be deposited into your bank account! By using my simple and top notch system, you can receive an endless supply of money on a daily basis, your friends will think you hit the Lotto Jackpot!  You can be well on your way to making a Guaranteed65Kin30Days while doing a very little amount of actual work! The best part is that you can get started in as little as 24 hours, while also creating more streams of income with the many bonus offers we give you if you join today, for becoming a member of the Guaranteed65Kin30Days program.

I will give you the entire formula that I personally use to make a Guaranteed65Kin30Days! Once you see the "Guaranteed65Kin30Days" program, you will agree that this has got to be the easiest, legit and most unbelievable money maker out there today!  This program can be operated by anyone. 

I can remember the days when I was struggling to pay my bills, hoping and wishing that I could find that one thing that would help me to finally get ahead. Well I've finally found it and I'm doing VERY well now, and I am going to provide you with the same secret system myself and only a select group of people worldwide are using to earn a full time income at home online.

I'm very proud of this system and I know it can work for you as well, because it continues to work for me and fortunate members that took advantage of this program when it was presented to them.

It has also been verified as a legitimate business opportunity by the Online Business Bureau and the Consumer Product Reviews. This product is above all and is by far the best, and easiest money making system you'll ever find out there on the web.

If you decide to take action today, and start earning more than you earn on your job, you'll soon be able to quit your 9 to 5 job and tell your boss what to do with it! You'll never have to worry about the next batch of bills ever again! Whether you feel like working or not the money will not stop flowing into your bank account!!! 

It doesn't matter how old you are or where you live. As long as you can follow my simple instructions,  you can start to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve!  I have already tested and proven that the system works, so you won't have to come up with anything on your own! This is a real and 100% honest way of making more money in one month than most people make all year long! Nothing could be easier! 


Would you like to be your own boss and work only when you want to?
Does the thought of an unlimited cash flow on a daily basis interest you?
Would you like to quit your present job within a few months?
Would you like to stop worrying about money or always having to hide from bill collectors?
Does the possibility of moving into your new dream home appeal to you?
Does the possibility of being able to drive your dream car appeal to you?
Does the thought of pay cash for your child's college education appeal to you?
Would you take that well deserved dream vacation?

All this and much more can be yours if you get started now, Today! 


This system is so easy to operate a 10 year old could learn how to do it in about 15 minutes! It requires no employees, office space, or overhead!  All you have to do is follow my simple instructions (which I will give you)


This is the ultimate money making system that finally gives the average person like you and me a real and honest chance to make money from home on the internet!  

This system is so powerful that you will begin to make money the first day you start using it! The Guaranteed65Kin30Days system was created and designed to be a simple system that you can start generating a guaranteed stream of multiple incomes from, all while utilizing the most lucrative money making opportunity currently available on the web.

I know it may sound too good to be true, but believe me it's not. My self and others are currently doing this and earning a quiet fortune working from home.

Like I said before, I can relate to how you feel because I was in the same situation years ago. Until out of desperation and the desire to succeed, I created this truly amazing money making system.


If you decide today to take control of your own financial future while overflowing your bank account then I am ready to help you get started right away without delay! Once your account is activated and you receive access to the members area, immediately read the how to get started section first and follow the simple instructions that I have written for you and within a few days you can begin to look forward to retiring from working for other people forever!  You can operate this amazing and unbelievable wealth building program from the comfort and privacy of your home.

You won't need any special equipment, special skills or pay any monthly membership fees, to get on the fast track to a lifestyle that can make you the "talk of the town"! If you decide to order my  "Guaranteed65Kin30Days" system today you can prepare for that big expensive sports car or that brand new diamond ring for your spouse. You can start that big tidal wave of cash in motion within just a few minutes after receiving access to my system and following my simple step-by step instructions! 


Take action right now and give the "Guaranteed65Kin30Days" program a try!  I guarantee you will not be disappointed!  This incredible money making system will only be offered at this amazingly low price for a limited time so you have to act fast!! The "Guaranteed65Kin30Days" system can be yours for only $59.00 and it is backed by my huge and no nonsense no-risk 30 day money back GUARANTEE.

Automatic Wealth by Michael Masterson

The Six Steps to Financial Independence!

Automatic Wealth is for the entrepreneurial mind in that it tells you in details how to explode your income and become incredibly wealthy. The principles are great for helping you change your mindset from "poor" to "rich".  Also, if I hear from you within the next 48 hours only I will let you in on a BIG secret that will amaze you. What I'm about to disclose to you is something I've never done before... something that I may never do again.... and something that may disappear soon... and best of all... it's FREE! Plus, If you order now, you will also receive as an added bonus over $1000 in items including the much sought out audio interviews of some of the most famous and amazingly successful internet entrepreneurand more. But, you must submit your order today.

I'm going to provide you with these closely guarded secrets to making a killing online - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

This information has been sold for as much as $99.95. Which is still bargain! But You'll get it FREE - At No Charge... but only if you order now within the next 48 hours. Because it may not be available after that.

I am So Confident that this system can help you achieve financial success that I am going to walk you through the steps that myself and others have taken to create an income stream that brings in thousands of dollars every week for very little effort.

You may be thinking... how do you get paid? You'll be paid...
by Company Check
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EVERY WEDNESDAY like clockwork!


"Here’s just a sample of what you can make in
a period of just
30 DAYS by following this system…"

((and this is ONLY from one of my income streams!))


We offer a 5x5 forced matrix paid to each member
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See where it states, "You'll also get paid if a person from another sponsor falls in to your matrix." This means that if you join now, you could potentially receive spillover!

If this sounds Good to you, Listen to this...
Financial freedom is truly waiting for you. But only if you want it...
As good as the 65K in 30 days program is, It is only a prelude to something even greater...
Imagine the same 5x5 forced matrix you built with the potential payout over
$1MILLION a year!
NOTE: You will have exclusive access to this information in the members area.


Hey, Tony

Just a quick note: Thanks for all your help and expertise in getting me up and running in my own business.  To this day 3 years later I'm still running my business and making a great life for my family and I.

Richard,  Moreno Valley CA

Was That  Enough Proof? 

Well, Now that you have seen for yourself the kind of money myself and others are actually making  with the Guaranteed65Kin30Days program.  It's now time for you to decide what you will do to become financially free. Are you going to continue to live paycheck to paycheck or get on board with this amazing opportunity. Please don't do like most people and sit back wondering if this program is for real, and simply miss-out by not taking action, you need to take Action Now!

There is one thing that I will say if you don't take action now and decide to order one of the other  programs out there, just remember where you saw us because I know that you will be back, simply because I've seen the others and they don't even compare to the Guaranteed65Kin30Days system, not at all! So please, be very careful on your venture for Internet wealth. There are a lot of individuals that are just out to get your money and provide you with useless information that will get you No Where! If you don't believe me, go ahead and give some of these other Money Making Programs a try and see what kind of results you receive. I can say that there will be a 99% chance that you will probably end up very disappointed! It's that simply. 

You see, I have found out through My Internet Business Success that individuals that have had success doing business on the internet are only going to share bits and pieces of information that they know will get you practically nowhere. The truth is, they are afraid to reveal their actual success secrets that they've used to become Rich! They don't want you to really know their secrets because of the fear of competition. I am sorry to tell you that this is how majority of them think. But, you don't need to be concerned about that because, I am going to give you everything you need to make lots of money online working from home!

I am going to reveal it ALL!  I am actually going to show you Step by Step what needs to be done in order to simply sit back and start earning a Guaranteed 65K in 30 Days.

Once I show you the simple steps I use to earn 65K in 30 Days, you will probably kick yourself when you see how incredibly easy the process really is. I Guarantee you will be thinking, I should have known that?

Well, that's enough. It's all on you Now! Take my advice and become an Internet Success Story or keep venturing into Dead End Opportunities!

Quick Review of What's In It For You:

1) Low cost, one time only $59.00, (no monthly fees.)

2) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, I believe in you and this opportunity that much!

3) You'll get a free replicated website, capture/splash page, autoresponder letter already written for you, banners, email swipes, you name it, I provide it for you! A Total Turn-Key marketing System. All that's missing is YOU!

4) Access to an incredibly caring, and accessible owner. I will actually call you the day after you join to personally welcome you aboard. Talk about genuine, I am a down to earth person, and my staff and I are very committed to helping you ACHIEVE FINANCIAL SUCCESS!

5) The
Guaranteed65Kin30Days system is the solution to the 98% failure rate for earning money online! No monthly autoship, $59 one time membership, World-Class Training, with Maximum Income Potential! Multiple programs in one, $65K for those who are less inspired (or who are already financially stable) and OVER A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR POTENTIAL for those who want TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM! (TO GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT AND DO WHATEVER IT IS YOUR HEART DESIRES.) More about this is revealed in your members area. FAILING TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE STOPS HERE, RIGHT NOW!

You Will Have Complete Access to This Amazing Money Making System Once Your Payment Has Completed and Your Account has Been Activated... So Get Started NOW!


We gladly accept the following credit cards



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Our 30 Day 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

The Guaranteed65Kin30Days is now available World Wide. Become a member & get Instant Access to a REAL Money Maker! Even if its 2am. And, if for any reason you don't achieve Internet Success with our system. Just send us an email within 30 days, and I will gladly give you a refund. I personally guarantee that if you don't make any money with this system I will refund your entire purchase price and you can even keep the FREE Bonus Gifts just for simply trying the Guaranteed65Kin30Days program. But, I can honestly say that you will probably end up sending us a testimonial of your success before ever thinking of asking for a refund

Take Advantage of This Amazing Program "Guaranteed65Kin30Days" & Free Bonus Offers... TODAY!

Your purchase is 100% safe and secure. Purchase with confidence and security.

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19069 Van Buren Blvd., Suite 114 -204
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P.S. The price to get in on this amazing opportunity that can change your like financially is a one-time $59.00. Which is really nothing when compared to the income you will be receiving from this program. You will reap great benefits from this system! You can't lose with my 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!


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